Nude Nails

Not quite bare, more nearly-there, the newest nudes and neutral polishes modernize the American mani's pale pinks and are a much needed mellow from the crazy nail art wave. 

Choosing the right nude is a little tricky, because it's not simply a beige. it's about finding a colour that will enhance the natural skin tone of your hands, while still looking as if you have fingernails. The end goal is a fresh, clean and subtle polished look.

No two nudes are alike: Dark brown skin with red undertones will need a much different shade than medium olive skin, or pale white skin with yellow undertones. To get your perfect shade, think of it as you would if you were choosing a foundation. Look closely at your skin and observe the undertones. You'll want to choose a shade with these same undertones.

Here are 3 basic tips for getting the right nude nail polish:

1/ Stay away from anything with a grey undertone as it will tend to bring out the greys in skin and look ashy.

2/ Choose neutrals that have a pink, peach, or reddish base. A beige with a hint of peach will work on olive skin, and dark chocolate colours with a touch of red work on dark skin. Pale, peachy pinks work well on very pale skin.

3/ Go for sheers. Two layers of a sheer neutral will look fresh and clean is the nude nail look. Anything opaque will be too strong.

For specific product recommendations for your skin tone check out this post, and for nude nail inspiration, check out our Pinterest Nude Nails board. (Remember to follow us on Pinterest too!)

Nail polish pictured is OPI Samoan Sand. Image by Angela.