...But, we have a couple requests:

1. Don't Steal. We want to keep things sweet here on Face Cookie. To make the images and graphics that we do takes a lot of work, time and skills that we've acquired. You're not allowed to print them, resell them or use them as your own. They are ours, and we are sharing them with you. But please, feel free to use social media to share. Pinning on Pinterest, Tweeting a post you like and liking on Facebook are all totally cool.

2. Don't Re-post. Linking to our content is ok, but taking our images and Pinterest pins and posting them on your site as your own content is not. Just add a link, it's cool. If you're super inspired by what we do, send us an email. We'll respond and give you some resources so you can learn how to do what we do. Shortcuts are not the way to success. 

That's it friends, we just have to let you know what's up with the rules over here. Please also read the Privacy and Terms page and the Disclaimer. Thanks! 


Andrea & Angela